Jan Wouter Vorderman Coaching and Dreaming
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Discover your own answers within

Find back your inner resources and inner wisdom

Own your truth, independently of others

Embody your value, your inner diamond

What you think, feel and do, matters


Act into the world with power, relaxation, freedom and creativity

How i support

My approach in coaching is based on an open exploration of your mind, feelings, body sensations and soul in the present moment.

The core method I use in this approach is the practice of inquiry – a powerful, inner-focused and non-fixing exploration based on specific questions and a supporting deep listening practice. Thereby meeting everything that happens inside you with compassion. 

The method is built on basic awareness or Zen principles.


..are curious to grow as a person

..long for discovering who you truly are

..long for finding your own purpose

..long for direction in your life

..want to live more free

..want to make the right decisions

..are ready to work on yourself

..want to take the next step

with MY


..supporting you in finding your own answers within

..contributing to your personal growth 

..practising authentic connection

..contributing to a world of more understanding, truth, peace and joy