I love to work with you through coaching, to impactfully support you in your own path of development. I coach face-to-face in Rotterdam or online, in Dutch or in English. I offer single sessions or coaching packages of 5 to 10 sessions. It is possible to have a try-out session first.

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Dreaming Gardens

I love to work with you through Dreaming Gardens in a botanic garden in Rotterdam. We will meet in a real garden, where we will walk and sit, while coaching and dreaming. 


Dreaming Gardens is either one-to-one (with coaching) or in a group of maximum five persons (with inspired sharing), in Dutch or English. Dreaming Gardens can also be part of a coaching package.


In Dreaming Gardens you will discover in a playful way your own answers within and explore your inner world. You will dream with memories from the past, feelings and sensations you experience in the moment or longings you love to fulfil in the future. You will learn about how to get hold of the subtlety of voices, sounds, smells, colours, tastes by listening and seeing beyond the obvious. The starting point of each session is an exploration of the effect of the botanic garden on your current state of being. 

Dreaming Gardens is a meditative approach to the art of walking gardens, which can unleash your creativity and self-expression. 

Click here if you are interested in my garden recommendations for dreaming and in reading about how I created Dreaming Gardens.