Jan has very powerfully guided me through presence, empathy and questions into deeper parts of myself. I am very grateful for the insights I have gained in our sessions, and have always left with a sense of relaxation and confidence in how to move forward. With Jan's honesty and sincerity, the sessions have brought me closer to myself and my truth. I can so much recommend Jan!!

> Niina, Estonia

I have been working with Jan 1,5 year. I appreciate very much his skilful application of the Zen coaching method. He is a profound listener, helping  to open and to discover feelings and needs behind actions. His openness and intuition make him a creative and grounded companion on the path of internal discovery. His insights have been deeply revealing to me. 

>Malgorzata, Poland

Jan is coaching in a way that I like, less connected to achievement but more focusing on grounding me as a person. He facilitated me to connect with tensions, thoughts, perceived weaknesses which were sleeping inside me. Out of that, changes were built. I did never feel like I had to achieve something from that, and that was amazing.

>Giulia, Italy

With Jan's guidance I got closer to my own feelings. At first, I was hesitant about his use of the Zen approach, but after opening myself up to it, it helped me a lot to find out what I really want. It is a very good approach for gaining more self-insight. I have experienced Jan's sessions as very pleasant. With his open attitude and genuine interest, Jan creates a relaxed atmosphere in which I felt at ease. Thank you for the great sessions and the insights you stirred up in me!

>Arfa, Netherlands

Jan Wouter helped very well to get more insight into myself. Through his coaching I have gotten to know myself a lot better. He was well able to surface the issues for which I needed support. His fresh view, enthusiasm and involvement made it great to be coached by him. I recommend a coach like Jan Wouter to anyone! Jan Wouter, thanks very much 🌹!

>Mahnaz, Netherlands


The coaching of Jan was very nice, I wasn't sure what I was going towards before I started, but it really helped me further in a way that I did not expect. I did two sessions and for both I had the feeling that it was really helpful to clear my mind, make me feel better and give me a stronger sense of direction. It is a very soft way of coaching because it is not based on assignments, questions or theories but on giving space to let answers come out of yourself. I was surprised how helpful it was.

>Pietro, Italy

Jan Wouter is a great coach!! He feels you like no other, and is connecting with you on a deeper level. Because of this, you touch upon deeper parts of yourself. Very much worth it!

>Jeroen, Netherlands

Jan Wouter is an easy-going and openminded coach, who helped me to feel relaxed and willing to share my thoughts and feelings throughout the process. He taught me to stay close to my feelings instead of letting my mind take me for a spin. What I liked in particular was him asking at the end of each session what I wanted to take with me from that session. I can recommend him to anyone who is open to take a sincere look inside.

>Olav, Netherlands